Athlete / Runner, student and engineer

Peyton Thomas

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Science and running against climate change.

Peyton complements her environmental activism with running. It is a passion she has had since she was very young.

After a strong performance in the NCAA Division 1 American college league, she ran her first marathon in 2:42 in 2019, a time that qualified her for the 2020 US Olympic Trials.

She holds a PhD in Biology and Marine Biology and is studying the effects of chronic environmental conditions and variables such as temperature and oxygen availability on marine species such as sharks.

She is an organiser of the Sunrise Movement and an ambassador for Protect Our Winters, an environmental advocacy group made up of scientists, athletes and business leaders.

We are very proud to have someone like Peyton in our community wearing our shoes, and we are very excited to start working with her and help her achieve both her athletic and environmental dreams.

"I want to do good in the world, and science and running is my means of doing so"

Peyton Thomas

Photography: Nick Danielson

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