Stories / June 2023

Sketching the Future

A film about Kilian’s 2022 season and the launch of NNormal

Kilian Jornet has always been thinking beyond what is possible, from his career as a mountain athlete to the co-founding of NNormal and his desire to build a sustainable, technical apparel company.

In 2022, Kilian returned to four iconic races: Zegama, Hardrock, Sierra Zinal and UTMB. He won three of the four and set new course records at three of them. But more importantly, he also ran all four races in the same pair of shoes—shoes that he had helped to design in collaboration with Camper, and shoes that proved that it was possible to build a durable shoe for such a wide range of conditions. In our new film, Sketching the Future, Kilian gives us a window into this iconic season that really started with his deep love of being in the mountains, and his thoughtful consideration for the future. And he shares with us why community is so important, and some of his dreams for what’s next.

“Always and we can do better in the future, but it’s a success because we are on the way of what we want to achieve.”

Kilian Jornet

Photography: Marvin Leuvrey

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