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The first training camp for NNormal athletes

Sharing and training together in the incredible Alpine environment of Vallorcine.

A year after NNormal’s birth it was time to celebrate the brand’s first official training camp. All the ambassadors met up for a week to train, share ideas and spend quality time together.

If there is one thing NNormal ambassadors have in common, it is that they have a similar point of view when it comes to running. However, distance and their daily routines make it hard for them to meet up very often. In fact, they had not all got together until this summer.

All of the brand's athletes were able to get together thanks to the first NNormal Training Camp. This was the perfect excuse for them to meet in person and spend time together for a whole week. Where? In the incredible Vallorcine area in the French Alps.

The arrangements were straightforward. On August 4, everyone would meet in this fantastic town near Sierre, where one of the most significant races in the Golden Trail Series, Sierre-Zinal, took place on August 12. The main objective of getting together was always to enjoy running in the Alps, since all the athletes live in very different areas and Vallorcine is an incredible place to enjoy the outdoors.

The athletes loved the idea of being able to meet up for a week. Three of them were competing in Sierre-Zinal a few days later, so they were able to travel together to the starting line and share their pre-race impressions during the week. But there was time for much more than training.

Family, community and running

NNormal’s first training camp began on August 4, when the first ambassadors arrived at what would be their home for the next few days. During the week Kilian Jornet, Emelie Forsberg, Dakota Jones, Peyton Thomas, Max Romey, Allie Ostrander, Alejandro Forcades and Tòfol Castanyer were also able to enjoy mentoring sessions, product meetings with the NNormal team and roundtables on sustainability.

They also took part in content creation and had the chance to interact with the NNormal community through the brand's digital channels. Everyone who wanted to see what was going on at the training camp could do so through the Instagram posts.

And that was not all: they also had a professional team that gave them personalised psychological tests to assess their health and find the most respectful way possible to increase their performance.

Training, connecting, sharing

During the week-long training camp, the ambassadors were able to train together in an idyllic environment many of them had never seen before. They were also able to exchange ideas about everything that motivates them: running, sustainability, the future of the planet and the future of outdoor activities. All this helped them to get to know each other much better and strengthened the bonds that make them a kind of family.

The first NNormal training camp left the ambassadors eager to get to know each other and learn from one another better. Sharing a house for a few days has never been so rewarding and satisfying. So on August 12 everyone left Vallorcine with a new lesson in their pocket: everything is so much better when it is shared.

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