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Waterproof technology and Merino wool, great allies to face the winter

Weather conditions are a major factor for outdoor sports.

Winter is synonymous with cold, rain, wind and snow, conditions you can easily overcome with the right equipment.

The Tomir Waterproof shoe, with a sustainable fluorine-free membrane, is perfect for trail running and any outdoor activity. It provides extreme protection against adverse weather conditions: a 100% waterproof membrane that provides 100% wind protection, while being highly breathable and extra durable. Its VIBRAM® outsole is perfect for any conditions and terrain and the Eva foam midsole ensures a lighter weight, maximum comfort and more cushioning for your adventures.

There is also a higher boot version in the same family, the ankle-cut Tomir Boot Waterproof to provide extra support for hiking.

To complete your winter gear, there is NNormal’s Apparel line: the race vest with an innovative waterproof back pocket to store valuables or dry clothes; Active Warm trousers for lighter workouts and cold weather activities; and the durable and thermally-insulated Active Warm jacket, which has excellent moisture-wicking properties.

And don’t forget the Merino wool long-sleeved T-shirt. Its natural properties optimally absorb odours and moisture, keeping you warm while you take a break or when temperatures plummet. And then there are the socks which are naturally comfortable, quick-drying and breathable, once again thanks to the magic of Merino wool. One of this fabric’s main properties is thermoregulation. These garments will always keep your body at a similar temperature, making them perfect for low winter temperatures.

Waterproof technology and Merino Wool are, without a doubt, the perfect companions for your trail running and hiking adventures on the coldest days. Shall we go out?

Photography: Nick Danielson

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