Our mission

Inspiring people to enjoy and respect nature.

Our values

All our actions are undertaken with a strong commitment. We strive to enhance ourselves by always considering our environmental impact.

Our manifesto

We run for simple reasons and with a clear mind.

1. We blaze our own trail

Someone once said, we are our dreams… and if we don’t dream, we are no longer alive. Our unique creative path drives us to give back to people and the planet.

2. Our home is outdoors

We’re passionate about outdoor sports—but above all we’re people. Reaching the summit is also about the emotions and memories of everyone who’s come with us on our journey.

3. We empower simplicity

Simplicity means that with less, we can do more. Sometimes, the most simple solution will be the most efficient, but also the most difficult to imagine.

4. We take responsibility

In the outdoors, just as in life, you rely on the strength of your partners. We won’t lose our way, because there is no set way. We’re responsible for all our actions, good or bad.

5. We act louder than we speak

All talk and no action equates to nothing. We know it’s not what we say, but what we do, that defines who we are.