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Cropped Top: from inspiration to innovation

Developed by women for women, in collaboration with Emelie Forsberg.

The voices of NNormal athletes play a key role in developing and improving our products. Some time ago, in a conversation with Emelie Forsberg, the NNormal design team pinpointed the challenge many women face in finding a comfortable and functional trail running top that gives them the necessary confidence for all types of training and races.

The NNormal apparel design team quickly understood what Emelie meant when she talked about the difficulty of finding a comfortable and functional trail running top that also had pockets to carry flasks, gels and even a windstopper.

This need was the perfect inspiration for the team to start working on a solution that combined sustainability, performance and comfort.

The NNormal Trail Cropped Top is a product specifically designed for women who seek performance and value comfort during races or training sessions. Developed by a team of women, it has been designed to offer an innovative and lightweight product that provides the necessary support to feel confident in all types of outdoor activities.

The solution to a need

Emelie Forsberg’s voice was key in the development of this product, which underwent an intense testing process to create the very best version.

As the NNormal ambassador explains, “I found it very difficult to find a comfortable top that fit well and had pockets, to feel lighter in my races. It was great that the NNormal design team wanted to work on it, and the experience has been fantastic. I would love to continue collaborating on creating products for women.”

Functionality: the cropped top’s 3 pockets

The NNormal Trail Cropped Top has three pockets to carry all kinds of necessary items during activities.

The top pocket, small and around the neck, is ideal for carrying small items securely, such as keys, with a ring attached to an elastic strap. The two side pockets let you carry larger items such a phone, gels, flasks and even a windstopper.

Developed by women for women

“The goal was to create an innovative, sustainable product specifically designed for women: with lightweight and recycled materials, and three different pockets to provide enough storage for short and medium races. This does away with the need to wear a vest, especially in hot conditions. The cropped top’s fitted cups provide moderate support and can be removed if you prefer to wear a sports bra underneath for maximum support,” explains Zoe E. Geoghegan, apparel product development manager at NNormal.

Made with sustainable materials

The NNormal Trail Cropped Top has been designed for athletes who want to respect the environment without compromising quality or comfort. It is made of 85% recycled polyester and 15% elastane; while the lining is 87% recycled polyester and 13% elastane. All this makes it as respectful of the planet as it is of the wearer’s skin.

Buy the Cropped Top

Meet Emelie Forsberg

If you buy the cropped top on the NNormal website or in a physical shop before 31 May, we offer you the opportunity to meet Emelie Forsberg, the athlete and ambassador who played a key role in developing this product.

You will be able to take part in a video call with her and go deeper into topics such as the origins of the NNormal Trail Cropped Top and the needs of women who love running. More and more women are passionate about trail running and we believe it is appropriate to provide an opportunity to discuss it with our athlete.

Are you up for it?

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