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Get-together with the NNormal community in Chamonix

One of the most eagerly-awaited events of the season has just ended after a week of races and activities.

One of the most significant weeks of the year has drawn to a close. The Chamonix race is one of the most eagerly-awaited events of the season. It is an unmissable meeting place for athletes, amateurs and professionals from all around the world. The NNormal ambassadors were looking forward to this event for several reasons. One of these was being able to meet their community for a few days to exchange impressions, knowledge and much more.

Throughout the week, NNormal organised various events involving the ambassadors and the community. This is one of the reasons why Chamonix week has become one of the most special and eagerly-awaited events for NNormal. Over the last few days, hundreds of people felt the NNormal experience from the inside. They took part in shoe tests and community runs organised by the brand and listened to the ambassadors share ideas, impressions and experiences linked to this great annual event in Chamonix, Mont-Blanc.

If there is one thing that NNormal and its community have in common, it is that they both believe it is possible to change the rules of the game and move, step by step, towards a more sustainable future with a smaller and smaller environmental footprint. So, this week has been a key moment to share knowledge, ideas and experiences related to trail running. Not just from the brand’s point of view, but also of those who identify with it.

NNormal events in Chamonix

The events involving the NNormal community started on Monday with an activity that turned out to be one of the most fun and original of the week. The “No Trace Chase” was a kind of meet & greet involving athletes and the community at the same time, even those who were not in Chamonix through social media.

NNormal organised events with Peyton Thomas, Max Romey and Dakota Jones with an average of 10 people taking part in each one. The activities consisted of finding our athletes and saying the password “Your Path No Trace”. The first people to arrive received a pair of shoes and everyone else got a cap.

“It was not hard to start a chat during the NNormal community run in Chamonix. Time flew by as we shared the trails, exchanged stories and geeked out on shoes, shorts and other NNormal apparel.”

Josip Balazevic

Tuesday began with a shoe test organised by NNormal. More than 50 pre-registered participants took part. This was definitely one of the most special actions for the NNormal community who are in daily contact through Telegram. Finally, after months of chats and sharing experiences, many of them were able to meet up and get to know the team and enjoy a shoe test and a group run on Chamonix’s incredible alpine trails.

On Wednesday, Cinéma Vox in Chamonix hosted the second edition of Elevate Earth: Racing For Resilience, a live event that combined information about climate change, environmental impact and trail running. The event included screenings of NNormal films and talks by the ambassadors, the Kilian Jornet Foundation and the Athletes Climate Academy. There was a full house at the cinema and the event was a complete success, allowing the community to feel close to the brand's commitment once again.

“Something we can all do is engage with the climate discussion and actively learn about our changing planet.”

Huw James

NNormal at the Chamonix races

Emelie Forsberg, Dakota Jones, Peyton Thomas and Tòfol Castanyer were the athletes representing NNormal during Chamonix week. The ambassadors tackled the various competitions with different strategies and in very different weather conditions. But the shared theme of their participation in this event was their commitment to NNormal and the brand’s values. From here, we want to congratulate Dakota Jones, who -on his Kjerag- managed to complete the 100 km race and cross the finish line in third place last Friday, September 1st. To him and all the NNormal athletes, thank you for your effort and commitment in Chamonix. Your Path, No Trace.

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