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Sa Llavor, little seeds to sow a better future

An awareness-raising project promoted by Tòfol Castanyer in which the Serra de Tramuntana mountains play the leading role

Conserving nature and taking care of mountain areas is essential so new generations can continue to enjoy them. The world we leave to our children is the responsibility of those who live here and now. NNormal athlete Tòfol Castanyer wanted to show this in his documentary Sa Llavor - Dustu, a project that NNormal is fortunate to have been part of.

Sa Llavor - Dustu is a documentary that invites the new generations to take care of nature and reflect on everything it offers us without asking for anything in return. The film’s unifying thread is the record for the double crossing of Serra de Tramuntana (190 km) that Tòfol Castanyer attempted to break in October 2022. The project’s name comes from the race’s initials — Doble Ultra Serra de Tramuntana: “Dustu”.

As he tackled this ultra race that starts and ends in Sóller, the town he grew up in, and as he went through villages such as Fornalutx and Pollença, Tòfol was accompanied by hundreds of school students in Mallorca along some sections of the route. He shared with them the importance of taking care of this precious mountain that means so much to those who live nearby.

“The Sa Llavor project is an indirect thank you to nature, a way of giving back to the mountains everything they have given to me”

Tòfol Castanyer

NNormal ambassador

Protect, respect and value the path that leads to the finishing line

Tòfol Castanyer has spent more than 30 years exploring nature through one of his great passions: running. Since he started, he has experimented with different disciplines, terrains and distances. And he says that, after he turned 50 in 2022, he has been more motivated than ever to keep discovering his limits.

However, if something has changed during all that time, it is that the most important thing in each challenge is no longer the finishing line, but instead the path and the environment that each race can offer. “The Sa Llavor project is an indirect thank you to nature, a way of giving back to the mountains everything they have given to me,” says NNormal ambassador Tòfol Castanyer.

“When you are running in the mountains you have plenty of time to think that if you do not take care of the trail, perhaps no-one will. I see taking care of nature as not only protecting it, but also showing its value and how fragile it can be.”

Tòfol explains the reason for this project, which was born out of love for nature. Raising awareness and conveying to children the value of the environment is what he calls “sowing a better future”. The Sa Llavor - Dustu project is about passing the baton to the new generations and making them think about environmental conservation.

This initiative has mobilised more than 400 students from various primary and secondary schools in Mallorca, who are currently carrying out projects to preserve the natural heritage of Serra de Tramuntana.

Since our beginnings, NNormal has been committed to leaving the world better than we found it. So, we did not hesitate for a second to support the athlete in this wonderful initiative that we will be keeping a close eye on.

Little seeds certainly do allow us to sow a better future.

Photography: Marvin Leuvrey

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