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Tomir Sand:
back to our origins

The sea and marés, the term used in the Balearic Islands to refer to a local sandstone, inspired us to create Tomir’s new colour

In a context marked by the constant launch of new products, technologies with complicated names, robotic aesthetics, unnatural colours, flashy designs and a “more is more” attitude, the NNormal team wanted to go back to the origins of what truly matters.

Following an intense creative process, Tomir is welcoming a new colour to the family: Tomir Sand. Both its aesthetics and its colours have meaning. They seek to reflect the landscapes of Mallorca, NNormal's place of origin: from the ochre and golden colour range of the beaches to the blue of their crystal-clear water. And both of these colours are perfectly visible from the peak that the shoe is named after: Puig Tomir (1,103) in Serra de Tramuntana. The sandy colour was inspired by marés, the term used in the Balearic Islands to refer to a sandstone typical of the area and widely used in construction. It is one of the key architectural elements in Mallorca Cathedral.

Representing NNormal’s origins

In September 2022 we announced the launch of Tomir, our most versatile and durable shoe, suitable for the vast majority of runners and designed so you can feel the cushioning with every step. So, all this time, this shoe has been synonymous with comfort and performance. Now with the arrival of Tomir Sand, it is also synonymous with origins and expression.

The aesthetics of Tomir Sand reflect all these thoughts. The details on the shoe’s upper are reminiscent of topographical maps, emulating contour lines. They have a dynamic form and a midsole designed for optimal cushioning while being as durable as possible. "The creative process for this shoe connected us with our shoemaking heritage, in which the shoe is sculpted like nature sculpts the mountains. And, of course, we are creating a shoe with maximum performance in mind," Willemsen added.

When choosing the colours, the NNormal design team drew inspiration from everything Tomir signifies. The sea and the sand are the most predominant elements in any Mallorcan landscape. Freedom, contact with the earth in every step and a passion for being in touch with nature: all this is embodied in a shoe that also provides exceptional grip and great cushioning.

Tomir Sand is most definitely a shoe for NNormal people who want to do extraordinary things, most importantly without leaving a trace: "your path, no trace".

"We wanted to go back to our essence and reflect on why we are passionate about the outdoors. In the end, it all comes down to enjoying nature, without altering it, and challenging one’s own abilities"

Job Willemsen

Footwear designer at NNormal

Tomir: durability and performance

The best technologies and materials have been employed in Tomir to produce a comfortable and durable shoe suitable for all kinds of runners and all types of experiences: from long hiking trails to demanding trail running. The Tomir family also includes three different versions: the first is the standard cut, perfect for trail running (available in three colours); the second is also the standard cut but waterproof; and the third comes in boot format, also waterproof

Find out more about the Tomir model and the Tomir Waterproof model through this link. You can also see a comparison of our two flagship models, Tomir and Kjerag, here or take a look at their technical specifications:

Tomir technical sheet

Weight (8UK - 42 EU): 255 g
Drop: 8 mm
Lugs: 33 x 5 mm
Upper: Ripstop TPE
Midsole hardness: EVA 50 - Low Density Foam

Photography: Marvin Leuvrey

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