Win the NNormal Zegama 2024 outfit

The gear worn by Kilian and Elhousine

Kilian Jornet has done it again and has claimed victory in what is, for him, one of the most emblematic races of the season. But that’s not all – Elhousine Elazzoui also came to Zegama to win, finishing in second place.

To celebrate, we have a prize draw for the same gear as our ambassadors Kilian Jornet and Elhousine Elazzaoui wore in Zegama. If you would like to win the shirt NNormal designed that is inspired by this race, as well as our trail running shorts and a pair of Kjerag shoes, simply enter the prize draw.

And that's not all! The pack will also include a COROS APEX 2 Pro watch, the same one as Kilian Jornet wears in all his mountain activities, and the COROS Heart Rate Monitor to track your workouts in total comfort. See Kilian's COROS data from his watch for this year's race.

Additionally, you will receive the race bibs with which Kilian Jornet and Elhousine Elazzoui claimed their titles at Zegama 2024. This amazing gift could be yours!

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