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Kjerag: new colours,
same essence

Our max-performance shoe expands the family with two new colours.

Those who already know our iconic shoe understand that Kjerag is synonymous with performance, grip, durability, and reactivity. A shoe designed after a long research process that is comfortable even at high speeds. Until now, this model was available in three colours, but we have just added two new colours to the family. Additionally, we have also launched new items in our apparel and accessories collections. Discover them!

Kjerag Beige/Grey and Kjerag Black/Green are the two new colours in the Kjerag family. This shoe represents the values of NNormal and is a unique combination of research and commitment. Designed for runners looking for performance and durability, Kjerag is synonymous with efficiency and speed. For this reason, the new models in this family retain the essence of this iconic shoe, but introduce new colours for those who appreciate design.

A constant source of inspiration

The new Kjerag Beige/Grey embodies several of our values when it comes to product design: we wanted to launch a new colour that was unisex, light, and durable, because it is less likely to look dirty after running on some trails. In fact, the colours Marés, Grafeno, and Mangano give continuity to our collections, and remind us that our origins are in the mountains.

Kjerag Black/Green arrives to complement the range with a dark option. The name we have given to its dark green is Serpentine, which comes from a mineral gem that can remind us of snake skin. The bright green on the bottom is Olivine, which comes from a magnesium iron silicate material. This is the main component of the Earth’s upper mantle, and is a common mineral in the Earth’s subsoil.

Designed for max-performance

When you’re running on rough trails and challenging terrains, you need a shoe that responds to every step. Kjerag offers optimal reactivity, making sure every step pushes you forward with propulsion and speed. But performance doesn’t mean compromising on comfort: this shoe is comfortable even at high speeds, providing the cushioning you need for those long runs and more variable terrain.

Be Uncatchable

For many runners, grip and stability are essential factors, and Kjerag exceeds these expectations. Designed for athletes of all levels, this shoe ensures you stay balanced on the most demanding terrain. From training for your 1st VK to competing in a hundred-mile race, Kjerag will keep you firm in every step. Regardless of your level or your goals, this shoe will keep you one step ahead: move fast and go wherever you want without leaving a trace.


New NNormal apparel and accessories

In addition to the new colours of our Kjerag trail running shoe, we have launched new items in our apparel and accessories collection. These include a women’s sports bra with pockets - designed as a crop top for versatility and comfort - and new designs of running t-shirts and shorts. All this, without forgetting that we have presented an improved version of our running race vest.

Photography: Tom De Peyret

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