Our commitments

Your Path, No Trace.

Our commitment to durability and to sustainability is motivated by a desire to reconsider the way gear is made and used.

One step at a time, that’s how humans have always progressed. But at this moment in time, we have to do more. On these pages you can see how we’re taking steps toward being a company with a smaller footprint.


The longer we can keep our gear in use, the less impact we have over time. We make our gear to last and to withstand the wear and tear of use, so that we make fewer things and create a smaller footprint on the planet.

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No Trace Program

The No Trace Program is our commitment to maintenance. Alongside building durable products, this is how we ensure you can keep your gear in use as long as possible, repair it when it breaks down, and recycle it at the end of its life

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Fair Business

We strive for transparency in how our products are made and the materials we use. We’re also committed to fair business practices, social responsibility, and community. Every year we share here the carbon footprint of our products.

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Our Manifesto

We run for simple reasons and with a clear mind.

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No Trace

Eventually, despite all our care and expertise, a product will reach the end of its useful life – or need expert help to put back to use. As part of our mission to create better circularity, we’re launching the “No Trace Program”.

This program will take back products that are no longer useful to you and attempt to refurbish and repair them for resale, or take them apart and recycle them.

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This program is available in EU and US countries.
* Except for the Canary islands, Ceuta and Melilla.