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Take part in NNormal’s events this June

See our schedule of activities and make sure you register so you don’t miss out on any of the surprises we have for you.

NNormal June Events

Find out about the events in June and register to take part in as many activities as you want.

June has just begun and with it comes a season full of international events we want to invite you to. Register to meet the team and take part in activities such as community runs, product tests, talks and much more.

Vibram Connection Lab
14-15 June / Milan (Italy)

We have a prize draw for 5 double tickets for entrants living in Milan.

As part of the NNormal-Vibram collaboration, we are taking part in Vibram Connection Lab, a professional meeting point where various activities will take place. On June 14 you can learn about the repairability programme created by Vibram and NNormal, attend a live demonstration and have dinner at the event. On June 15 you can participate in a community run at 7am. All this plus a few other surprises. 

Marathon du Mont-Blanc
22-25 June, Chamonix (France)

NNormal shoe test and booth at Chamonix.

For three days, NNormal will have a stand at the fair. It is the only stand where you can try on as many shoes as you like. There will be a No Trace Program Box for you to recycle your old shoes. Plus, there will be a prize draw for 30 registered people to take part in a shoe test. Don’t miss our stand at Chamonix!

10am: Shoe test
Location: Marathon du Mont-Blanc Fair

New NNormal Summer picks.

Broken Arrow Skyrace (USA) and Western States Endurance Run (USA)

Follow how Western States is going on our Instagram account.

Further details about our activities there to be confirmed.

Register for any activity here

Bed and Breakfast at the NNormal House
16-18 June
Palisades Tahoe

We have a B&B prize draw so you can join the NNormal House for the Broken Arrow weekend. You will be able to spend two nights there with a companion. While you are there, you can enjoy the incredible products from Kodiak Cakes.

Community + demo run
16 June
Palisades Tahoe

Join the NNormal team on a community run and try out our shoes. We have a prize draw for up to 20 places among everyone who registers.

Dakota Jones as part of your crew at Broken Arrow
18 June
Palisades Tahoe

Do you want to have the best possible coach, mentor and support? Let Dakota Jones accompany you during your Broken Arrow experience. We have a prize draw for one place among users who register.

Community run and sustainability talk with Peyton and Dakota
20 June
Palisades Tahoe

Join the NNormal team and the Donner Party Trail Runners team. You will have the chance to run with all of them and try out our shoes. Plus, join Dakota Jones for dinner and a chat about sustainability.

5-7pm: Community run + shoe test linked to the Tahoe Mountain Sports/Dinner Party Trail Runners

7pm: Community dinner + talk with Dakota Jones

Footprints Running Camp
21 June
Palisades Tahoe

Join Dakota Jones at the Footprints Running Camp presentation. We will go for a run, chat about sustainability with experts and have a bite to eat while we get to know each other. Prize draw for 50 places!

Location: Alpenglow Sports

Community + demo run
22 June
Palisades Tahoe

Join the NNormal team on a community run and try out our shoes. We have a prize draw for up to 20 places among everyone who registers.

5pm: Community run + shoe test
Location: here

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