Stories / April 2023

The Joy of Running
Chapter 1

A new short film about our new team member, Allie Ostrander

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Allie Ostrander loves to run. But there’s a lot more to know about this talented young woman—like why she’s making her way back to trail running after a high school and college career putting down fast times on a track.

Or the fact that she hosts a successful YouTube channel covering everything from workouts to mental health. She also has a unique capacity for consuming coffee. Maybe you remember watching her chase down Emilie Forsberg at Mount Marathon in 2015, a race Ostrander grew up running. Maybe you know her for her impressive steeplechase times, or for her vulnerability and honesty on difficult topics. But we hope you’ll enjoy getting to know her better.

With that, we’re sharing the first film in a three part series about Allie: The Joy of Running





“Running isn’t a given. Running should bring you joy.”

Allie Ostrander

NNormal Athlete

Allie Ostrander race outfit for 2023

Photography: Nick Danielson

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