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Tomir Waterproof vs. Tomir: what should you use them for?

Discover why we have developed a Tomir model with Sympatex® and find out all its benefits.

No trail can withstand Tomir Waterproof, the NNormal model designed to cope with the wettest conditions, rain and even snow. Sympatex® has enabled the Tomir family to present its waterproof version, specially designed for people who keep going no matter how wet it is.

Trail running enthusiasts know that there is no path you can’t take as long as you have the right shoes. NNormal launched the Tomir Waterproof in 2022. It is designed for people who want to push the limits. Those who are looking for maximum performance. Runners in wet or rainy areas.

This shoe has all the features of the classic Tomir, plus the incredible performance offered by the Sympatex® membrane. So, in addition to being an all-terrain shoe for all types of runners, it has everything you need to tackle water and repel moisture while offering optimal breathability.

It is also available in boot format for the utmost protection in cold or wet conditions. So, let’s take a look at the differences between NNormal Tomir and NNormal Tomir Waterproof.

NNormal Tomir

Tomir is a durable shoe and a symbol of versatility. It is designed for any type of terrain and adapts excellently to any foot type. Its versatile design makes it the perfect shoe for training and advanced hiking trails, as well as competitions such as ultra-distance races. Users highlight toughness and cushioning as two of its strengths.

Tomir’s VIBRAM® Megagrip sole is perfect for safety in all conditions and terrain, even in wet and humid conditions. And thanks to the development of Litebase technology and 5mm lugs, this shoe is both lightweight and extremely stable.

NNormal Tomir Waterproof 

The advantages of the Sympatex® membrane

NNormal Tomir Waterproof offers all the advantages of NNormal Tomir plus a highly-waterproof, tough and functional Sympatex® membrane in both boot and shoe format.

One of the differential characteristics of this membrane is the so-called dynamic breathability, through which the molecular chains dissipate water vapour to the outside with movement. This means that the expulsion of water vapour increases proportionally to the movement or physical activity being performed.

In addition, the molecular design of the membrane means that there are no pores and they do not become clogged over time, ensuring breathability for much longer.

Thanks to the Sympatex® membrane, the Tomir Waterproof is a 100% waterproof shoe with a 40,000 mm rating. But that’s not all. It also provides 100% wind protection, high breathability and all the comfort of a shoe that withstands everything regardless of the terrain and weather. Plus, the WTP version of Tomir remains a 100% carbon-neutral, recyclable, PFC-free and BlueSign® certified shoe.

When should you use Tomir Waterproof?

Tomir Waterproof is a multipurpose shoe that offers optimal performance on all types of terrain, just like Tomir. But what makes it special is that it helps to keep your feet completely dry in wet and humid conditions, whether snowstorms or wet trails.

This model is suitable for all kinds of adventures, from long hiking trails over variable terrain to ultra-distance races with waterlogged, muddy or even snowy sections. All this with the lightness, cushioning and grip for which the Tomir family is known.

This makes Tomir Waterproof the ideal shoe when temperatures start to drop and you are training and racing in wet conditions. When you wear it, there is no path you cannot go down.

We put so much into this during the design process, because we wanted a shoe that truly does it all. I love how robust it feelsdurable and tough, while fitting around my foot perfectly. And the grip is immense! It can handle pretty much every terrain out there.

Kilian Jornet


Tomir Waterproof

Tomir Boot Waterproof

Photography: Julien Raison, Tom de Peyret

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