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what do wearers think?

We asked our athletes and the NNormal community how they rate Tomir. Here are the results.

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We are willing to learn with every step and every stride we take, and for this it is essential to listen those around us.

At NNormal, we often say that Tomir is a versatile, comfortable and very durable shoe, and we have specially designed it to do just that. But what happens when we ask the community what they think of our Tomir? What features would the NNormal ambassadors who wear them in their races highlight?

“I love to use Tomir on a mountain day, when it’s a mix of running on a trail, a bit off bushwacking, and some scrambling. The grip and stiffnes is great for that! I also wear them in snow and when I’m hiking. I love the difference from Kjerag and they are such good complement.”

Emelie Forsberg

“I love this shoe for long training runs. It’s supportive and has a really long life span, so I rely on it for multiple training blocks.”

Dakota Jones

“I love how robuste it is and the great grip for all terrains. A good shoe for everyday adventures.”

Kilian Jornet

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The NNormal community have also something
to say about Tomir.

“The traction was amazing in the downhills and muddy terrain and it felt surprisingly responsive when I picked up the pace. I also found them very stable on uneven bits of the trail. So far it feels like they bring together different things that I like from other shoes, so versatility sums it up!”


“Tras el estreno de las Tomir mis sensaciones son muy buenas, mezcla ideal de amortiguación, sujeción y ligereza, agarre excepcional y la zapatilla rezuma calidad y promete muchos kilómetros de disfrute.”

Alberto Garrido

“Corro con le Tomir da ottobre e mi sento più confidente in discesa, mi danno la sensazione di stabilità.”


“Je porte mes Tomir waterproof basses en montagne mais aussi à la ville, tous les jours. C’est ma chaussure pour tout faire, par tous les temps et en toute confiance.”

Céline Millot

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The perfect balance between performance and comfort


Tomir Waterproof

Tomir Boot Waterproof

Photography: Nick Danielson

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