Tomir 2.0 Black running shoes for man

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Tomir 2.0 Black running shoes for man
Tomir 2.0 Black running shoes for man
Tomir 2.0 Black running shoes for man
Tomir 2.0 Black running shoes for man

Tomir 2.0 Black running shoes for man

Built stronger | To run longer | With more cushioning

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Tomir 2.0, an improved version for you.

Tomir 2.0 is the upgraded version of Tomir 1.0, our most versatile and comfortable model. This new shoe it’s born from listening to the feedback from the NNormal community, and it’s aimed to enhance all your trail running and outdoor experiences.

Built stronger: After a lengthy research process, we have developed a shoe that is even more durable, resistant, and comfortable than its previous version. The key to this lies in the use of new materials in its upper and midsole: 360 Nylon thread stitching in the midsole and new anti-slip fabric laces.

Run longer: The improved rocker and midsole geometry of the Tomir 2.0 ensures a smoother, lower-impact run, allowing for more comfortable running over longer periods.

More cushioning: The Tomir 2.0 new supercritical foam compound, which is also lighter, increases cushioning and energy savings during running, allowing you to run with less effort and, therefore, go further.

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The Tomir 2.0 feels way too light for how much cushion it has. Combine that with a super grippy outsole and an upper that holds my foot just right, and I’m planning to wear this shoe at every race I do this year.

Dakota Jones

Built stronger

The Tomir 2.0 incorporates new materials in both the upper and midsole that ensure greater durability. This mix of materials provides superior protection and ensures that the shoe is lightweight and breathable.

To run longer

The new sole geometry ensures an improved foot strike and minimizes impact. The base of the Tomir 2.0 has been widened to offer a better contact feel, providing greater confidence on all types of surfaces.

With more cushioning

Developed with EExpure technology, the midsole of the Tomir 2.0 shoe provides increased cushioning and allows for a more effortless feel, while reducing weight and offering outstanding responsiveness.

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