Kilian Jornet and Camper, the start of a new journey

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Between the fjords of Norway where Kilian Jornet lives, and the shores of Mallorca, home of Camper—discover the origin of NNormal.

World-renowned mountaineer and trail runner Kilian Jornet has partnered with family-owned footwear company Camper to launch NNormal.

“Sharing the same values was a strong motivation to start this project. We agreed that we need a new way of thinking and acting in relation to our environment and Outdoor activities,” explains Kilian Jornet. “We want to be very honest on how we produce the equipment and on the role the company wants to play for the society and the environment. This means transparency and working to avoid overconsumption by building products that are durable. To have a minor impact on the environment, we need to work with various materials and explore different designs. It’s a long and difficult path but that’s what motivates me and the team to start this project.”

NNormal’s products reflect the partnership’s shared philosophy: authenticity and utility that inspire people to enjoy and respect nature—a mission which is expressed through timeless gear that’s functional, performance-oriented, and built to last. All the Outdoor equipment was designed in Mallorca and tested in Norway as hinted in the name of the brand (Nor-way + Mal-lorca)

“Building a new brand is always a very exciting adventure, although we are aware of the challenges involved” says Miguel Fluxa, CEO of Camper and member of the founding family’s fourth generation. “We are complementary partners of NNormal. Having the opportunity to conceive it with someone like Kilian is really unique: to combine performance with personal responsibility strongly resonates with our DNA. He brings his strong product development expertise and unique vision of the outdoor world, while Camper brings innovation, shoemaking and design know-how.”

Your Path, No Trace.

Kilian Jornet

Kilian Jornet is considered one of the best mountain athletes in the world. For the last 15 years, he has dominated the ski mountaineering and trail running scene, winning all major championships and races across the globe.

Growing up in a hut in the Spanish Pyrenees, the mountains have always been his playground whether running, climbing or skiing. As a pluridisciplinar athlete, he also holds speed records in mountains around the world, including a double ascent to Mount Everest.

Nowadays, Kilian lives in Norway where he continues to explore his limits in mountain sports and inspiring a large community with movies, books and digital content. Kilian has also became a climate advocate working to raise awareness about environmental protection.


Camper is the living story of a family business and a family of people who have been working together since 1877, when Antonio Fluxa, a shoe craftsman, brought together a group of craftsmen in Inca, Mallorca, and introduced the first shoemaking machines. Founded in 1975 by Lorenzo Fluxa, Antonio’s grandson, Camper built an original brand with quality, comfort, irony and innovation through a contemporary design.

Meaning “peasant” in Mallorquin, a local dialect, Camper embraces the austerity, simplicity and discretion of the Mediterranean. A respect for art and craftsmanship anchors the brand’s promise to create timeless, high-quality products with a consideration of the social and environmental impact of each.

Today operating in more than 50 countries, CEO Miguel Fluxa, 4th generation of the family-owned company, leads a diverse creative team embracing change and exploring every aspect of design, developing useful and unexpected solutions to create a better quality product.

Inspiring people to enjoy and respect nature.

Photography: Jaime de Diego / Kilian Jornet

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