The shoe, reinvented.

Our most innovative shoe, designed to last and evolve with you.

Kboix is a multisport, modular shoe that comes with three interchangeable midsoles. You choose the midsole, you choose the adventure. Each one is designed for different terrains, different intensity, and different body types.

NNormal is inviting 150 people to become part of the Kboix Experience, a group that will have the opportunity to test our latest shoe.

We aim to release Kboix in 2024, but we want to test it within our community.

Be among the first to test Kboix prototypes

  • You will be the first to test our latest prototypes.
  • Fill out the form. We’ll select 150 profiles from all registrations.
  • The selected ones will live the journey hand in hand with the brand, and your feedback and insights will play a crucial role in helping us fine-tune and perfect the Kboix Experience.
  • The application form will be available during 3 weeks and the selected profiles announced during December.


Kboix The shoe, reinvented.

Join the Experience