Stories / December 2022

A first year to remember

The end of the year is drawing near
and it is time to remember.

It is time to look back, to relive the best moments of a very special year for all of us: the launch of NNormal.

We started with pixelated images, with prototypes, until we finally met on 23 March. The best thing of all: your reactions.

Then came the tests and the first appearances as a team in major races such as Zegama with Emelie, Dakota and Kilian; Hardrock 100; Sierre-Zinal; UTMB with Tòfol; and Ultra Pirineu with Peyton.

Chamonix was the first stage chosen to present Kjerag, our first top-performance trail shoe, and to announce the No Trace Program, which aims to offer a solution for the end of a product's life. We still get goosebumps when we recall your initial reactions when you tried on the shoes, seeing their materials and their forms. Nevertheless, when NNormal went to the Alps there were two major and clear protagonists: Tòfol Castanyer and Kilian Jornet, who sealed an epic victory that further established him as one of the great athletes of our sport. Do you remember? What a week full of emotion!

In the autumn, the first fruits of our journey arrived with the launch of our first collection, available on our website and in specialised shops. All of this is packaged around our first brand campaign in which the Norwegian wilderness plays the starring role, leaving the athletes in the background. With this campaign we want to symbolise the essence of NNormal: we, our products and our athletes use nature as a playing field, but it is nature that is always there and needs to be respected. Our aim: to inspire people to enjoy and respect nature.

We are always looking forward to sharing our imperfect adventure with you, our community. Because together we can achieve so much.

And proof of this was the incredible Hardrock 100 race, where we worked together to raise awareness of the environmental impact and help preserve the area's ecosystem with different activities. We are committed not only to athletes and races, but also to people and the planet.

At Zegama we managed to connect with 300 users and at UTMB we added more than 1,000 people to the community. Our Telegram group aims to bring you exclusive content about our products, our athletes and of course, all of you. We were thrilled to see your #MyFirstNNormalday. Let’s keep in touch!

And we really want to say thank you. Our adventure has only just begun. We are ready for 2023!

Your Path, No Trace.

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