Our commitments

It’s in our nature to be as transparent as possible,
as we head towards being a company that leaves no trace.

Your Path, No Trace.

One step at a time. One success after another.
That’s how humans have always progressed.
But it’s now we all have to focus on more than just wins and medals. Because the trace we leave is as important as our performance along the way.

This is not a revolution. This is NNormal.

On these pages you can learn about how we’re taking big leaps (and small steps) towards being a company that does good. Wherever and however we can.


The case for durability is clear: replacing a product is the moment of biggest environmental impact for all outdoor gear. The less we replace things, the fewer emissions we produce. It’s that simple. And it’s why all our gear is made to last – and last. Beyond trends. Beyond seasons. Onwards towards leaving no trace.

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Increasing circularity is essential to minimising our footprint. Our mantra is: functionality, durability, repairability. Our method is: reduce, reuse, repair, recycle. By committing to these beliefs, we can take big strides towards leaving no trace.

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Carbon Neutral

Achieving carbon neutrality is essential if we’re to limit global heating. Ambitious climate action is needed - and it's needed now. That's why, from day 1, NNormal has been committed to minimising and eventually eliminating carbon emissions from our entire production cycle. And why we openly share the current carbon emissions for all our categories.

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Openness and honesty are fundamental to us. It doesn’t make sense to tell everyone you’re doing good, without showing them your actions too. That's why these pages contain in-depth details about what we’re doing, the impact it’s having, and what we’re aiming to achieve in the near future.

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Fair Business

As a B Corporation, we’re committed to using our business for good. As members of the 1% for the Planet organisation, we actively help create a healthier planet. And in partnership with the Kilian Jornet Foundation, we support environmental research and projects that are making a real difference.

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No Trace

Eventually, despite all our care and expertise, a product will reach the end of its useful life – or need expert help to put back to use. As part of our mission to create better circularity, we’re launching the “No Trace Program”.

This program will take back products that are no longer useful to you and attempt to refurbish and repair them for resale, or take them apart and recycle them.

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This program is available in EU and US countries.
* Except for the Canary islands, Ceuta and Melilla.