Replace less. Do more.

The fewer products we wear out and replace, the lower the impact on our shared planet.

Durability is also about teamwork. Everyone has a role to play. We can research and make products that are as hard-wearing as possible. And you can care for and repair products to extend their life-cycle.

Explore this page to find out how far our shoes can take you – depending on how and where you use them.

Prototype & testing

Kilian sprinted, scrambled, climbed and walked 1,300km and 70,000 elevation metres in his first pair of Kjerag.

How far will yours take you?

Maintenance & repairability

How to take care of your running gear

How can you make your trail running equipment last longer and serve the best of its purpose? Read through this article to run more.

Running is said to be a low-maintenance sport and one may not need fancy and expensive equipment. But for regular runners, some equipment is a must- have for them to run more comfortably, safely and effectively. Some equipment necessary for running includes the right pair of shoes, hydration gear, running vests, shorts or jackets. It is important to give your trail running equipment some attention and love for them to last longer.

“For me, taking care of my running gear is an essential thing that I do on a regular basis, it allows the gear to last longer in the best possible condition and that is something I appreciate when I run” — Emilie Forsberg

Backpacks or Vests

All the buckles should be closed.

Ensure that all elastic tensioners are not loose if you have them.

Rinse them with your hands to remove sweat traces, especially during hot weather, because salts worsen the material.

How to Clean Water Bottles, Flasks and Bladders

If you have noticed that your water bottle has developed a funky odor or taste, it's time to wash it. Follow the below procedure:

Measure a teaspoon of bleach and baking soda, put them in the bottle, and then fill it with water.

Leave the bottle to sit overnight.

Run the bottle through a dishwasher or rinse it fully.

Allow it to dry in the air completely.

For a water reservoir, rinse them thoroughly and allow them to air dry completely. Do not put them in a dishwasher.


Get them dirty: It’s playtime.
Head out and do your thing without worrying about getting your shoes dirty

Many people opt for washing their shoes in a washing machine, but that is not recommended. It might be a quick way of washing, but it's not the best method of washing shoes because they suffer hot temperatures that affect their structures and impact their upper. Hand wash is the best option to clean running shoes. The steps on how to hand wash the shoes are as follows;

Clean with water
If your shoes get really dirty, first rinse them off with (warm/cold/lukewarm water before the mud has dried up to get the worst dirt off.

You should try removing mud as soon as you finish running because it becomes hard to remove when it dries and can end up destroying the shoe textile.

Avoid using scourers or hard brushes but instead use a water jet to give pressure, a soft brush or a magic sponge to wash it directly.

Do not expose them to too much heat, for rubber parts can be distorted.

You should wash insoles separately in order to leave your shoes fresh and clean, even on the inside.

Allow your shoes dry in a ventilated room at room temperature, away from direct heat sources.

Brush dirt off
For that dirt that is sticking to the shoes – wait for the shoes to become completely dry, then brush off the dirt and mud using a cleaning brush.


Avoid softeners but use neutral liquid detergents on them.

Wash with water, not above 30ºC.

Do not soak the garment.

Do not put them in the dryer; instead, hang them upside down in the shade.

Never iron them.

Follow the textile guidelines for membrane garments.

Be responsible

Taking good care of your running gear is important. First, it helps the equipment be in good condition for a long time and generally have a longer lifespan. Maintenance includes washing carefully and thoroughly and changing worn-out parts.