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Allie Ostrander joins the NNormal team

Energy, attitude and an insatiable curiosity to explore new horizons.

Her honest smile and energy when she met the NNormal team was a sure sign that she was looking forward to joining us.

Allie Ostrander is a 26-year-old woman born in Kenai, Alaska (United States). Allie Ostrander made history by becoming the first woman to win the prestigious NCAA track championship in the United States three times in a row. After struggling with an eating disorder, Allie attempted to qualify for the Olympics in 2021, finishing eighth. She is now still a professional athlete but has incorporated trail running into her schedule. This ensures she will be able to achieve her goal: “Being happier if I am motivated”.

But as well as being a professional runner, Allie defines herself as a content creator and mental health advocate, as she uses her social networks to raise awareness in her community of the importance of normalising mental health. In fact, something that fascinates us about her is the naturalness with which she talks about her fears and demons, assuring us that struggling with them is part of the daily life of every human being.

Her social media content combines sport and mental health from a very human point of view and there is always room for good humour and acceptance of mistakes. For proof of this, simply follow her posts on Instagram, where she has built up a very active community through the irony and joyfulness her videos convey.

“I’m beyond stoked to join the NNormal team because it seems a company with a really commendable mission who believed in me from the start.”

Allie Ostrander

It was Alaska, her native land, that created her love for trail running when she was just a child. Sport has been part of her life since then, as she grew up in a family that has always been connected to it. Although much of her career as an athlete has been spent on the track, she has a great love for the mountains and all that they offer. What she likes most about trail running is the unpredictability of nature. She defines it as a constantly changing sport, in which both technique and experience are important in tackling each race. This year Allie will take up trail running competitively over short distances in both the USA and Europe.

Allie’s purpose is to be happy and she has realised that for that she needs new distances and new races. And she does all of this while maximising her enjoyment, making fun the priority in every challenge she sets herself. The joy she exudes, her endless curiosity and her desire to explore make us admire Allie even more.

Her joining NNormal has been like a breath of fresh air, not only because she has become the team’s youngest ambassador, but also because of her way of seeing the world: attitude is the key to overcoming adversity. Allie shares a philosophy and commitment with each and every member of NNormal, whom she admires and already considers family. She is certainly a wonderful addition to our great little project. Welcome, Allie!

Photography: Nick Danielson

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