Athlete / Runner, student and engineer

Dakota Jones

Dakota began running after his gym teacher told him to go for a run as a punishment—but instead of putting him off, it gave him a lifelong passion for running.

By the age of 21 he already achieved second place in the North Face Endurance Challenge and the Hardrock 100, and won the Transvulcania.

And because he wants to lead a life that reflects his values—simple, and uncluttered—he decided to take up the challenge of helping to protect the environment, by bringing together his scientific knowledge with his enthusiasm for the outdoors.

Dakota’s career is certainly not one of a typical athlete—in addition to his running career, he writes, participates in films, and studies mechanical engineering at university. He also founded the Footprints Running Camps, which combine climate activism, running and a unique mentoring system that helps participants make a positive impact in their communities.

This year, he intends to contribute to the NNormal adventure by both wearing NNormal equipment and supporting us on a technical level in the development of our products.

We’re very proud to have someone like Dakota in our community—and we’re super excited to start working with him.

"Climate change and environmental issues are extremely important. It’s something that I want to dedicate my life to. And it also doesn’t mean that I have to stop doing what I love."

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Photography: Lo Hunter / Dakota Jones

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