Dakota Jones is the newest member of the NNormal team

Dakota’s path is one of conviction and intellectual honesty. We are very proud to have him join our community.

Indeed, the parallels between Dakota’s own life choices and NNormal’s brand philosophy seem to naturally converge, if not merge.

For us, there is huge potential to be aligned with a sportsman who rides his bike 250 miles to the start of a race to help reduce his carbon footprint, and who created the incredible Footprints Running Camps, which successfully combine environmental activism and mountain sports.

For Dakota, the NNormal project is a perfect fit with his background. And, he believes, to integrate a team’s athletic and technical vision for a product, we have to think carefully about its whole lifecycle.

“We do not need to create a new brand just to produce more things. So at NNormal, our goal is to make sure that we not only have the highest quality products and sustainably sourced equipment that you can trust, but also products that you can repair or recycle at the end of their life.”

And when the engineer also happens to be the person who is going to put the fruits of his labor to the test on the trails of the most demanding races on the circuit, what more could you ask?

When he’s not running, Dakota studies mechanical engineering, with the aim of working in renewable energy. In academic research, one can’t work entirely alone: it’s about collaborating, researching, and bringing your own reflections to create something new. This philosophy has been born out in the foundation of his Footprints Running Camps, which help give people expert knowledge and the tools to implement their community projects over the long term.

We’re looking forward to working with you on our quest for “No Trace”!

Photography: Lo Hunter / Dakota Jones

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