Stories / March 2022

Discover the backstage of our launch video in Norway

To announce the birth of NNormal, we naturally chose to go to Norway, near Kilian’s home.

A perfect place to illustrate the wish that animates any fierce Outdoor sports practitioner with a simple vision: to enjoy nature without impacting the environment.

The first seconds show the evolution of mankind through a serie of steps: the first civilisation in the desert, sandals on the stone, and then acceleration to modern shoes on the Moon or at the summit of the Everest.

These amazing images have been realized by the Studio of the famous CGI artist Thomas Traum. They lead to the first pictures of Kilian running in the snow of Norway, his trace disappearing shortly after his passage. A perfect way of expressing our tagline “Your Path, No Trace” also revealing the NNormal identity, imagined and created by Napo People studio.

Film credits: NNormal – Your Path, No Trace.
Creative Direction/Screenplay: Napo People
Editing: Pablo Noé, Hugo Mahler, Thomas Traum
CG: Wael Chams, Duncan Tune
3D Scanning and Modeling: FBFX
Music: Kuedo
Sound design and effects: Marlon Beatt
Rotoscoping: Blackwork

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