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Follow us in Zegama through our WhatsApp group

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From NNormal we want to offer you the opportunity to be part of something unique. We will make our debut as a team in Zegama, what is probably the most iconic mountain marathon in the world, and we want to live this experience as closely as possible with our community. So we thought a good way to do this would be through a WhatsApp group, between NNormal Athletes and people interested in following us closely in one of our first challenge.

Kilian, Emelie, Dakota and a member of NNormal will be part of this group along with 496 other participants. Join and get the opportunity to follow the race from a unique point of view through live exclusive content from our athletes, up-to-the-minute information, unique statements, photos and videos of the race and much more. We want to bring you this special moment so that the whole community can be part of the debut of NNormal from the inside.

Encourage the team!

If you can’t be in Zegama encouraging the NNormal team, send a message of support through the WhatsApp group and together we will cheer Kilian, Emelie and Dakota to achieve their goals.

Comparteix les teves fotos i vídeos!

Wherever you follow Zegama, from the race, from the sofa at home, with your friends and family. We want you to share this moment with the community. We take as much inspiration from you as you do from us!

How can I join the group?

The WhatsApp group will be active from Saturday the 28th until the end of the race on Sunday. To be part of this unique moment, please fill in the following form: (Only 256 places available)

See you in Zegama!

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