Max Romey joins the NNormal adventure

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We all have different ways of defining our dreams, ambition or philosophy. For Max, pictures and drawings are the best alternative when words simply can’t say enough.

When Max moved to Alaska, his heart took root there. This place — “so big it makes you feel so small” — has filled his life ever since. He loves to walk, run, and especially to immortalise it by making dozens of drawings.

He knows the world of trail running, having made many films for different actors and actresses in the field. “What excited me about the NNormal project as soon as I heard about it is the belief that small steps can lead to big things”, says the Anchorage resident. The parallel with his work is clear: he has carried out several projects mixing travels, hikes, introspection and contemplation to capture it all on camera or in one of his sketchbooks — one drawing after another, one pencil stroke after another...

But beyond the sport, Max’s work is above all a warning for all the beautiful places we love to go through: “Next to my house is a huge beautiful landscape of blue ice. And I sincerely hope that what I do will allow the generations to come to have the same scenery I have on my doorstep.... This is the reason why I run, draw, or go out. When I use my pencil, I can express things that words simply can’t. And it’s so easy to assume that these things won’t change, when in fact, they’re threatened. So, to be able to work with a company that prioritises these things is a real opportunity.”

Welcome, Max!

Photography: Jaime de Diego / Max Romey

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