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NNormal x HydraPak:
Hydration and Performance

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Did you know that dehydration can significantly impact your performance?

During physical activity, inadequate hydration can reduce blood volume, skin blood flow, sweating rate, and heat dissipation. It can also increase core temperature and accelerate muscle glycogen depletion.

These adverse effects can harm the body and nervous system during any type of physical activity, especially outdoor activities in warm or moderate temperatures. That’s why our team has worked to develop and innovate a new and updated line of hydration equipment and accessories that will help you perform at your best.

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NNormal x HydraPak: Advancing Hydration and Performance

Quality and performance are the driving forces behind the design of our hydration accessories. When developing our new NNormal Run Belt and NNormal Race Vest, we focused on comfort, lightness, and sustainability. Our collaboration with HydraPak ensures that we meet these goals.

HydraPak’s wide range of hydration offerings utilise innovative technologies designed for high performance in any sport or activity. Our shared commitment to environmental protection and continuous improvement has resulted in two cutting-edge products that meet the highest standards.

HydraPak’s soft flasks are crafted from Thermoplastic Polyurethane (TPU), an ultra flexible, lightweight, and taste-resistant material. Highly durable and 100% BPA & PVC free, the flasks are designed to be mile after mile, run after run. Each flask is sealed using radio-frequency welding preventing leaks and enhanced durability.

NNormal Run Belt and Race Vest

The NNormal race vest includes two Hydrapak SoftFlasks. It is an adjustable backpack developed with 100% nylon, which makes it super lightweight and comfortable for high performance activities.

The new NNormal run belt incorporates mesh pockets for convenient storage and offers enough space for a HydraPak SoftFlask, as well as a waterproof pocket on the back. It includes a bib loop and is also made of robust Nylon, making it durable and super ergonomic.

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