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Peyton Thomas, new member of NNormal team

Environmental awareness and love of nature. We are very happy she has joined our community.

It was only a matter of time until Peyton and NNormal's paths met. We have been fascinated by her environmental activism and her approach to running.

Peyton has recently added the abbreviation “Dr” in front of her name. She has just completed her PhD in Biology and Marine Biology and is studying the effects of chronic environmental conditions and variables such as temperature and oxygen availability on marine species such as sharks. She is currently working as a researcher at the University of Boulder.

She is an organiser of the Sunrise Movement and in 2020 joined the Athlete Alliance as a trail running ambassador for Protect Our Winters, an environmental advocacy group made up of scientists, athletes and business leaders. She also volunteers with a non-profit organisation called the Dogwood Alliance, which protects forests in the south-eastern United States.

Peyton is also a runner. It is a passion she has had since she was very young, starting in high school and later in the NCAA Division 1 college league. After graduating, she moved to Wilmington (North Carolina, US), where she began her postgraduate studies and started to wonder how it would affect her relationship with running. However, her first results after graduating left no room for doubt. In 2019 she ran her first marathon in 2:42, a time that qualified her for the 2020 US Olympic Trials.

Although she has always focused on track and field events, Peyton’s heart has always been in the mountains. A few months ago, she was awarded her PhD and moved to Boulder to work at the university. It was then she decided to officially take the leap into trail running. Since then, she has been training every day to prepare for the most demanding challenges.

Peyton is also a Patagonia athlete, a brand with which we feel very identified and that inspires us, as we share the same values.

Peyton's debut with NNormal was at the Pikes Peak Marathon last Sunday, where she achieved a hard-fought third place. Her next challenges are the Ultra Pirineu (marathon) at the beginning of October and she plans to do an FKT in the United States in November.

She runs, explores, studies and takes action. These characteristics are in line with our philosophy. It is a pleasure to have you with us, Peyton - welcome!

Photography: Nick Danielson

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