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Tòfol Castanyer joins the community

With his arrival in our team, we continue to build a crew that mixes outstanding performances with a profound involvement in helping protect the environment.

"When Camper and Kilian asked me to be part of NNormal’s team, it was amazing news. I think it’s a wonderful way for Mallorca to contribute to a better way of helping to protect our environment."

Tòfol brings to the team a unique personality and his knowledge of environmental protection. As he’d tell you, no matter the result, the only thing that really matters is giving everything. And if you ask him what he’s learned in his 49 years on Earth, he will always answer with a smile: “everything is possible!”

Indeed, you can believe that everything is possible when you see what he’s achieved in his career – for instance winning the Skyrunning World Championship in 2010 and the CCC in 2012. Or more recently, climbing 54 peaks (each over 1,000m high) in Serra de Tramuntana in Mallorca, in less than 30 hours to raise awareness about the fragility and beauty of our environment. And he’s done all this without being a full-time professional athlete, but through following his passion for running.

Of course, Tofol is familiar with Camper - whose headquarters are also in Mallorca - as well as with Kilian, with whom he has raced on several occasions. Together with Pau Capell, the trio had organised 'Yo corro en casa', a home race to raise money for the research on Covid at the start of the pandemic. So when he heard about the project, things were particularly exciting: "When Camper and Kilian asked me to be part of the NNormal adventure, it was wonderful news for me. This project allows Mallorca to contribute to the preservation of our environment." A new adventure that only confirms Tofol's desire to race for something bigger than titles or personal glory.

Tòfol is also passionate about other people’s potential: he recently created training camps in Mallorca for young runners, and he strives to raise greater environmental awareness about the mountains, and their delicate natural ecosystems. “For me, it is just a way to honor those who taught me to love the mountains since I was a kid – I always considered myself very privileged in this regard. So, it’s quite logical really to believe that teaching people to respect the mountains should start at school.”

Today, Tòfol joins our team to extend his philosophy, and we can’t wait to see him running with his new equipment!

“Sometimes I succeed and sometimes I don’t.
But this always helps to bring out the best in me”

Photography: Jaime de Diego / Tòfol Castanyer

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