Towards carbon neutrality

On the road. On a mission.

To stop global heating, every country, company, and individual needs to drastically reduce, and eventually eradicate, their carbon emissions.

One of our core commitments is to calculate and openly share the emissions associated with each of our categories. These calculations help us to focus on the areas with the highest impact, and to set targets for reducing and eventually removing these sources. By being transparent, we hope to set a high standard – both for ourselves, and for others. Because we’re all in this together.

We’re also committed to have zero emissions for scope 1 and 2, and off-set the residual ones. Our goal in order to be truly sustainable is to reach carbon neutrality by working with our suppliers to keep reducing our emissions to almost zero in scope 3, and by off-setting the residual emissions generated. We are on the way, but lots more still remains to be done.

Average CO2 emissions per Category


8.25 kg CO2 emissions per pair


5.98 kg CO2 emissions per item


1.48 kg CO2 emissions per item

We are working with our suppliers to improve the accuracy of the data gathered.