Always open. Always honest.

Whenever gear is produced, there’s an impact on the environment. That’s the unavoidable fact of being a company that makes products for the outdoors.

We’re proud to make products that allow you to get out there and enjoy the natural world. But we’re also (very) conscious that we need to do so while treading as lightly as possible.

That’s why we offer full transparency on our carbon footprint and production processes. And on what we know we can do better. We see the commitment to transparency as being a way of challenging ourselves to never rest, and never take shortcuts. Our goal is to offer you 100% visibility on every step of our supply chains.




Location: Carvalhosa, Portugal
Founded: 1989
Employees: 591

100% Certified Green building.


Location: Ponte Guimarães, Portugal
Founded: 2018
Employees: 300

Natural dyes, 100% chemical-free. Rainwater harvesting. 45% of discarded water is reused, saves on average 10 liters per garment. Solar Energy. Certified by GOTS and Oeko-Tex.

MLS Textiles

Location: Valencia, Spain
Founded: 1992
Employees: 30


Fulgent Sun

Season 1 / Season 2 Factory: Hubei Sunsmile Footwear Co., Ltd.
Location: Hubei, China
Season 3 and onward Factory: Fulgent Sun Footwear Co., Ltd.
Location: Hungyen, Vietnam
Founded: 1994
Employees: 3000 (Sunsmile) ; 10000(Fulgent Sun) ; 35000 (Fulgent group)

ASI Global LTD

Location: Shanghai , China
Founded: 1994
Employees: 1200 (factory for NNormal)/9580(ASI group)


Location: Guangdong, China
Founded: 2001
Employees: 430

Dong In - Philippines

Location: Bataan, Philippines
Founded: 1992
Employees: 1500 +