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Be fast. Go hard. Tread light. Our max-performance
trail running shoe is born from strong beliefs
Born from strong beliefs and relentless research, Kjerag is our highest-performing trail running shoe, which comes in white and grey color. Made by people as committed to protecting the planet as you.

Every runner at every level gets lightweight reactivity, high-speed comfort, extreme grip and stability. From training for your 1st VK to making the podium on your 50th 100-mile, Kjerag makes you uncatchable.

''From athletes to designers, we came together to make a shoe with incredible rebound, cushioning, and stability ''
– even in the most technical terrain. I’m so proud to wear Kjerag for trail racing ''
– and also SkyRaces, ultras, scrambling, roads… everything!''
– Kilian Jornet

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