Athlete / Creative mind protecting nature

Max Romey

One step at a time, one pencil stroke at a time: Max Romey’s work is like that of a trail runner — filled with passion and respect for the landscapes he crosses.

Whatever the medium he uses to satisfy his creativity, Max Romey has one main objective: to convey the urgency of the climate situation.

From the most secret trails to the thousands of bottles strewn on beaches, areas of the globe — and places like Alaska — are indeed an inexhaustible source of reactions and inspiration for Max, even if he admits that after so many years spent immortalising the Earth, it will forever hold some mysteries for him.

A love of nature that he has also managed to convey in the various films he has made, notably by following numerous trail running competitions. And like the runners, he crosses the landscape with joy as well as the feeling that it has to be taken of... And it is precisely this observation that brought Max and NNormal together.

"When I draw, I can express things that words simply can’t convey. And it’s so easy to assume that these things won't change, when they are in fact threatened. So, to be able to work with a company that prioritises these things is a real opportunity."

Photography: Jaime de Diego / Max Romey

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